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PCQC Marites Arellano
PCQC Marites Arellano

Origin: Balatukay, Managa, Davao del Sur
Altitude: 1560 masl
varietal: Catimor
process: 96hrs Natural - Anaerobic
Flavor notes: pink guava, honey, peach, apricot, chocolate

net weight: 200g


Suggested for Pour over:
1:16 Coffee to Water Ratio


We are proud to present our version of the winning PCQC 2021 Microlot from the farm of Marites Arellano. This lot contains Arabica Catimor grown in Balatukay, Managa, Davao Del Sur at an elevation of 1560masl. This coffee received the highest bid in the competition for a whopping 52.20 USD/kg.

When the cherries were picked, it was averaging about 18-22% brix—a high sugar content as proof of picking ripe. These coffees were processed through 96 hours anaerobic natural. That means, the cherries were first sealed in bags to start the anaerobic fermentation, a controlled fermentation environment free of oxygen, for 96 hours. Then later, laid out on elevated drying beds and dried under the sun until the moisture content of 10.5% was achieved before hulling and resting.

After trying several roasting profiles and learning more about the coffee’s character, the current profile aims to highlight the sweet and aromatic compounds of coffee, contrasted by a distinct and pleasant acidity. In the cup, we have found notes of pink guava, honey, peach, apricot, and chocolate. The coffee is smooth, round, and easy to drink.

This coffee is limited to 60bags only!


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