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Kalasan No Mori
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Kalasan No Mori


Nigo 2019 Auction Lot #3

by Ephemera Traders

Origin: Mt. Kalatungan, Bukidnon, Philippines

Altitude: 1600-1800 masl

varietal: Kalasan No Mori

process: Washed

Flavor notes: Citrus, Honey, Jasmine, Delicate Florals

Suggested for Pour over and Immersion:

1:16 Coffee to Water Ratio


The Kalasan No Mori are an Ethiopian landrace Arabica revered by generations by the Talaan-dig people of Bukidnon as their "sweet coffees". It's current appellation translates to "meeting forests", describing the ecosystem that draws out its delicate flavor. While its elegant complexity challenges the descriptions that precede Philippine coffees, the real triump of its survival will be in prompting further discovery of similarly unmet cultivars within our origin's immense natural diversity.




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