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Finca Puerto Alegre Geisha
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Finca Puerto Alegre Geisha



Origin: Rio Verde, Quindio, Colombia

Altitude: 1550-1750 masl

varietal: Giesha

process: Washed

Flavor notes: red apples, berries, peach, lavender, bergamot


Suggested for Pour over and Immersion:

1:16 Coffee to Water Ratio

Lopez Agudelo familiy business has developed by 4 brothers, who were born in the Quindio mountains, after their father migrated looking for new opportunities.
For more than 50 years in the coffee sector, they have decided to reinvent their operations adapt to the demands of changing global economy, where the innovation and sophistication of our coffees could compete in the most demanding markets.
Their objective is to extend the varieties of their coffee portfolio, both in self-cultivated varieties and in purchases from third parties, guaranteeing traceability and support in processing and respecting the environmental conditions of each crop.

Quality Awards
l Best coffee in Quindio 2019
l First place for roasted coffee 2019
l Second place in specialty coffees with processs l Honorable mention of excellence mug

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