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Finca La Aurora Geisha

Origin: Volcan, Tierras Altas, Chiriqui
Altitude: 1570-1770 masl
varietal: Geisha
process: Natural
Flavor notes: raspberry, orange, fruit jelly, sweet and floral

net weight: 100g whole beans


Suggested for Pour over:
1:15.5 Coffee to Water Ratio


Aurora Manor is located in Piedra Candela, Volcan, in the northwestern corner of Chiriquí province. It is owned by the Brenes Eleta family. The manor is only two kilometers from the Costa Rican border. The manor has a total of 31 hectares, of which it is located in the rainforest reserve at an altitude of 1700-1775 meters, and the area where coffee is grown at an altitude of 1485-1700 meters. There are 15 hectares. The average planting altitude is 1600 meters, and the average annual temperature is 16-24 degrees Celsius. , The rainfall is 3500 mm.

Coffee trees grow in the semi-shaded environment provided by the avocado tree, which is thicker than other neighboring estates. The local microclimate environment creates a unique and good taste of coffee. The coffee harvesting period is 12-3 moon. In 2013, the manor washed geisha "Ironman" won the first place in the best Panama", and the solar geisha is a very small special batch of Aurora Manor. In 2014, the manor was awarded the Coffee Review for the solar geisha item. Annual selection "Top 30 Coffee".

Manor Roberto has won the BOP competition many times. Years of cup testing and manor visits have made us fascinated by the "Terroir regional flavor" of Aurora Manor.

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