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Finca El Vergel Java
Finca El Vergel Java
Finca El Vergel Java
Finca El Vergel Java
Finca El Vergel Java
Finca El Vergel Java

Finca El Vergel Java produced by Shady Bader.

This lot was exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 48 hours. During the fermentation, mandarin orange juice was added to the anaerobic environment.

Later the coffee was pulped, gently washed and placed on raised beds with dehydrated mandarin orange peels below 35 degrees celsius until ideal moisture content was achieved.

As green coffee, we can smell the fragrant mandarin orange peels. It’s one of a kind. Through out the roast, there’s a lot of very sweet aromatics that we experienced.  One challenge of this coffee is developing the terroir flavor along with the natural fermentation influenced by the mandarin orange juice.

With this new process, is this a new way to add flavor to coffee? Would this be a new category “Flavored Coffee”?

We really enjoyed this coffee specially upon opening the bag, you can really smell the mandarin orange. Very vibrant and sweet as well. We’re happy to add this to our Exquisite Collection. And as expected, we have limited quantities of this!

We recommend that you first start by cupping this coffee, so you can enjoy and discover what complex flavors this coffee has. 


Origin: Tolima, Colombia

Altitude: 1700-1800 masl

varietal: Java

process: Natural - Mandarin

Flavor notes: orange blossom, honey, yuzu, jasmine

Suggested for Pour over:

1:17 Coffee to Water Ratio


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