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Ethiopia Sidama Shantawene
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Ethiopia Sidama Shantawene


Origin: Shantawene Village, Bensa, Sidama

Altitude: 1900-2100 masl

varietal: Heirloom varieties

process: Washed

Flavor notes: lemon, lime, grapefruit, honey, lavender, black tea

Suggested for Pour over and Immersion:

1:16.5 Coffee to Water Ratio



After the ripe coffee cherries are picked, they need to be sent to the processing plant for processing within 8 hours. After the coffee cherries are pulped, they are placed in a washing tank for the first stage of 36 hours of washing and fermentation, and then for 12 hours of secondary washing and fermentation to increase the brightness and cleanliness of their acidity, and then they are moved to the African shelf for exposure and drying. It is completed until the moisture content reaches 11%.

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