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Ethiopia Guji Kercha Espresso
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Ethiopia Guji Kercha Espresso


Origin: Kercha, Guji, Oromia, Ethiopia

Altitude: 1900-2200 masl

varietal: Mixed Heirloom Varieties

process: Natural

Flavor notes: Tropical Fruits, Mango, Rum

Suggested for Espresso:

1:2-3 Coffee to Water Ratio


This coffee is grown by small-holder farmers in Ethiopia’s Guji Zone. Ripe cherry
is selectively harvested and dried on raised beds. After 14-21 days in the sun, the
fruit looses most of its moisture and the dried cherry pods (now called jenfel) are
conditioned for 1-2 months in hessian sacks.
Milling of natural coffees happens at the local level, after which coffees are
delivered to the regional ECX warehouse for grading. This lot represents the
highest quality designation – Q1, further sorted and cleaned for export by our
exporting partner in Addis Ababa.
The coffee growing region of Guji once was included in the Sidama designation,
but in the year 2015 was recognized and separated as a distinct zone by the
ECX. The merit for this new classification lies in the unique high quality of coffees
from Guji, which include the woreda of Oddo Shakiso, Addola Redi, Uraga,
Kercha, and Bule Hora.

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