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Colombia Villa Betulia Pink Bourbon
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Colombia Villa Betulia Pink Bourbon


Origin: Acevado,Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1500-1600 masl

varietal: Pink Bourbon

process: Honey-Anaerobic

Flavor notes: rose, chamomile, red apple, caramel, pine


Suggested for Pour over and Immersion:

1:17 Coffee to Water Ratio

This coffee is produced by Don Luis Anibal Calderon at Finca Betulia.

This coffee was carefully hand-picked in order to use only the ripest cherries, exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 48 hours before pulped inside grainpro bags, afterwards pulped and sun dried on raised beds to 10.5% moisture content.

This microlot is 100% Pink Bourbon. This varietal is currently under research in order to determine its origin. It is said that it is a mutation that took place at 2100masl in San Adolfo Huila.

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