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Colombia Finca La Loma Rodrigo Sanchez Caturra STOUT
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Colombia Finca La Loma Rodrigo Sanchez Caturra STOUT


Origin: Pitalito,Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1650 Masl

varietal: Caturra

process: STOUT Natural

Flavor notes:

Black Cherry, Strawberry, Cardamom Seed, Dark Chocolate, rich and full-bodied reminiscent of Guinness Black Stout


Suggested for Iced Pour over and Immersion:


Caturra Stout Process
All cherries harvested are measured for degrees Brix (a measurement used to indicate sugar content). The processing method is decided, based on the sugar content indicated.

Stout was born from the fermentation process of craft beer, an inspiration for Rodrigo, due to the different fermentation stages that accompany it. Rodrigo and his team took the initiative to apply the same process to their coffees, some at high temperatures and others at low temperatures with a fermentation mix. They were looking for those notes similar to beer, a type of black, blonde, or creamy beer – they wanted to find an affinity of these types of beers but in their coffees.

For the IPA, the cherries are fermented in a heated environment for 80 hours. The heat speeds up the chemical reactions that break down their sugars. The cherries are then dry fermented in an anaerobic tank for another 80 hours. Next up is a solar drying phase, lasting 5 days. Since the cherries are not first de-pulped, this qualifies as a naturally processed coffee. Lastly, the shriveled-up fruit spends an extra 22 days drying on shaded raised beds. That’s right - the IPA takes over 33 days to process post-harvest! The Stout method takes even longer! This coffee spends 200 hours in hot fermentation, broken up by a cooling sprinkle of water about every 2 days. After this point, the cherries follow the same drying process as the IPA - clocking in at around 35 days from harvest. At every point in this journey, the seeds are monitored for defects and variations in fermentation. 

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